Summer Skin Treatments - Your Guide to Refreshed and Rejuvenated Skin

Summer is here, and it’s the perfect time to glow and shine bright like the sun! If you’re wondering where to start with summer skin, I’m here to help. Consider this your go-to guide to achieving a new, amazing level of skin health like never before! Refresh and rejuvenate your skin for that undeniable summer glow as you discover some of my top summer-safe skin treatments.

You might think the majority of serious skincare treatments are off-limits to schedule during the summer because of exposure to the sun, the amount of downtime to heal the skin, or combining certain treatments or products. Luckily there are very beneficial treatments that produce significant results that are safe and timely to get throughout the sun-filled, warm days (as well as all year round).

It is vital to prioritize safe and effective skincare treatments. When we don't protect our skin, the sun can cause burns, spots, melasma, and other hyperpigmentation. We’ll go through an overview to highlight various skin treatments offered at La Fleur Aesthetics that are ideal for summer! 

1. Tox and Fillers: Achieving a Naturally Youthful Appearance

From frown lines to foreheads and smile lines to crow’s feet, there is an abundance of facial areas where we might begin to notice fine lines and wrinkles. We also may see gradual lip volume loss, and in other areas, we may notice some sagging skin. Both fillers and tox are versatile and work to improve facial features in multiple ways. While there are differences between tox and fillers, both types of treatments address many of the skin concerns we have. Injections are a great way to ease into medical aesthetics and are safe to get in the summer.

Before we dive into the treatments, let’s address a couple of myths or misconceptions. One myth is that you will look frozen and won’t be able to move parts of your face afterward. You are still able to emote your face just as you always have. You might also be concerned the treatment is painful and not worth the discomfort, but patients tolerate it very well and are not in pain or discomfort. You may also worry that people will instantly be able to tell that you got tox. The truth is it is a subtle change at first and takes up to 10 days for full effect, but even then, you’ll just notice an improvement that is natural-looking. 

First, let’s highlight neurotoxin injections. This treatment prevents muscle movement to smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Botox is the most common substance. Botox’s full name is Botulinum toxin, and it is safe, pure, and injected in very small, diluted amounts. A couple of other types of botox that are widely used are Dysport and Xeomin. How it works is the substance causes a reduction in muscle activity as it blocks the nerve signals that are traveling to the muscles. The result of the injection is the skin that formerly had fine lines or wrinkles is smoothed out for months.

Injectable dermal fillers are gel-like substances injected beneath the skin to restore volume, smooth lines, or soften creases. They are ideal to help diminish facial lines and restore fullness in the face. A common filler that is FDA-approved is hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring substance your skin already has. Juvéderm and Restylane are popular hyaluronic acid fillers.

These treatments are extremely safe treatment and commonly used. Tox has been FDA-approved for cosmetic use for more than 20 years. Also, the process is quick, with only about 15 minutes total time following your consultation.

If you’re thinking about refreshing your look, the right amount of tox is a very effective addition to your skincare regimen. 

2. SaltFacial: Exfoliation and Rejuvenation

Another amazing treatment that is ideal for all skin types is the unique SaltFacial. It is not your normal facial. A SaltFacial is a multi-step process that exfoliates, cleanses, and revitalizes the skin in a safe, gentle way that minimizes congestion, enhances skin texture, and promotes an unbelievably healthy glow! 

How the SaltFacial works is it resurfaces your skin with gentle microdermabrasion utilizing pure, organic sea salt and then is applied with ultrasound technology. LED phototherapy is also included to improve circulation. Here’s a breakdown of the step-by-step process to achieve brightened and tightened, fresh, glowing skin. 

Step 1️: Restore and detoxify the skin with organic sea salt, which is one way the SaltFacial is unique from other facial treatments. Utilizing pure products in a gentle flow technology ensures the salt meets the skin evenly, maintaining a healthy pH and eliminating discomfort to the skin.

Step 2️: Replenish the skin’s vital nutrients. Circulation is increased with an aesthetic ultrasound and topical treatments to enhance results. This process preps the skin for the next step. 

Step 3️: Apply a high-powered LED phototherapy to promote healing and collagen production. The aesthetic ultrasound technology treatment enhances the skin to create a glowy, fresh finish.

3. Opus Plasma: Non-invasive Skin Resurfacing and Tightening

The Opus Plasma Resurfacing treatment is an innovative, non-surgical, skin-resurfacing treatment that stimulates collagen production and tightens the skin to produce a more youthful appearance. It is ideal for all skin types and improves skin texture, dullness, discoloration, scarring, hyperpigmentation, and other signs of aging. Also, it’s FDA-approved and is anti-aging as it penetrates deep into the skin to tighten the underlying layers of the dermis. It is a special treatment that offers significant results without the typical downtime of lasers and other treatments.

Opus Plasma is used to treat not only the face and neck areas but also can be used on the entire body. It utilizes plasma energy instead of light energy in the way that a traditional laser treatment uses to bring heat to the skin’s surface. The heat boosts collagen production, which plumps and smooths the skin and makes the skin healthier.

There are two steps involved in an Opus Plasma treatment that complement each other to provide dramatic results. First, electrical plasma technology is used to boost collagen production. The handheld device is ablative, like a traditional laser that emits plasma energy to help resurface the skin. Then, the Opus device is charged with radiofrequency energy to promote tightening. The plasma energy treats the more superficial layers of the skin, and the radiofrequency energy reaches the deeper levels of the skin. Also, Opus is customizable to each area so it treats each area appropriately according to the delicacy of the skin. Remember Opus is also safe to get during the summertime, and it has minimal downtime.

4. Peels: Enhancing Skin Radiance and Evening Out Texture

While many high-tech devices produce effective results, chemical peels are amazing and should be included in regular skincare routines. Chemical peel treatments have various chemicals, classifications, and types to treat acne and acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, uneven tone, and other skin concerns as well. Results can be seen in as little as a week with many chemical peels and yield tremendous benefits, including more balanced, clear skin, tightened, firmer skin, and radiant complexion. 

Essentially, a chemical peel involves using a chemical solution to exfoliate the skin to improve its appearance. At La Fleur, I offer three types of peels, so let’s highlight each one.

The VI Peel is a professional-grade treatment that is highly customizable to address skin concerns created by the Vitality Institute. It developed many specially formulated medium-depth treatments that are safe and effective for all skin types and skin tones. The various types work to improve signs of aging, discoloration, sun damage, active acne, and acne scarring. 

The AlumierMD Radiant 30 Superficial Gentle Peel is an exfoliating and resurfacing peel using alpha hydroxy acid to exfoliate dead skin cells. It boosts cell turnover and stimulates collagen to improve skin texture and tone. It is a great treatment for multiple skin concerns and conditions. There is very little downtime with it because it is considered a low-depth to medium-depth peel, and it creates a radiant and even-toned complexion.

Another great AlumierMD peel is the Radiant 20/10 Superficial "Acne" Peel. This chemical peel is ideal for those with acne, clogged pores, fine lines and wrinkles, and sun damage. It consists of alpha hydroxy acid and beta hydroxy acid, which means it has both lactic acid and salicylic acid in it. It works to improve texture and skin tone through exfoliation. It also boosts cellular turnover to create new, healthier skin. 

The skinbetter science AlphaRet Professional Peel is a skin-resurfacing peel that improves the overall appearance of skin tone and texture for patients with moderate sun damage. Like the other peels, it stimulates collagen and increases cell turnover to smooth the skin and make it glow. But this peel is unique in that it contains a patented retinoid formulation with glycolic, lactic, and salicylic acids. The AlphaRet peel improves skin tone, texture, acne and acne scarring, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, early signs of aging, and more, and does all this without downtime.

5. Medical-Grade Skincare: Elevating Your Summer Skincare Routine

Medical-grade skincare products are essential to an effective skincare routine. It complements aesthetic treatments to give you the healthiest skin possible year-round, including during the summer when our skin is more exposed to the sun than normal. They contain higher concentrations of active ingredients than what is available over the counter, and they are science-backed with proven results to effectively improve overall skin health. Also, because they aren’t sold in big box stores or online without a clinician’s recommendation, you can be confident you will be using appropriate products for your skin concerns and issues. Medical-grade skincare is simply on another level in terms of effectiveness, which is key as we start to notice our skin aging or as we deal with a specific skin condition. One amazing brand I use and carry in my practice is skinbetter science. You can learn more about its product lines at

6. Microneedling and PRP for Under Eyes: Banishing Dark Circles and Fine Lines

Microneedling is an effective, comfortable, non-invasive treatment in which your skin receives quality skincare deeper through microneedle application into the skin’s dermis. The ingredients used promote new collagen and elastin production beyond just the surface level. It smooths texture and boosts skin cells for rejuvenated, new skin. You’ll see refreshed, brighter, tighter skin that looks more youthful after just one treatment. 

When you combine microneedling with platelet-rich plasma or PRP, your skin will look its best and feel its healthiest! Microneedling with PRP is especially transformative when applied to the eye area. For the eyes, this treatment helps treat dark circles, the fine lines around the eyes, and sagging skin, but it is beneficial for every skin type and improves a host of our most common skin concerns and issues.

Microneedling with PRP uses your blood to help revitalize your skin by amplifying the natural growth factors your body uses to heal tissue. It’s an amazing all-natural solution to stimulate cell growth within the body that will reveal dramatic results. 

Our skin is the single largest organ in our bodies, so taking genuine, intentional care of our skin should be a priority. Each one of these treatments can help enhance your already gorgeous features with natural-looking results. I encourage everyone to consult with skincare professionals for personalized recommendations. I would love the opportunity to partner with you on your skin concerns to develop a plan to help you radiate like never before! Book a consultation with me at







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